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Recent developments on PPPs in Kuwait

In recent developments, the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) has announced the invitation to companies and consortiums wishing to qualify for participation (RFQ) in the bidding process for two more Private Public Partnership (PPP) projects, these being;

  • the third phase of the integrated Al Dibdibah Power and Al Shagaya Renewable Energy solar PV Project – Phase III – Zone 1 – Solar PV IPP, and
  • the Fixed Telecommunications Network development project.

It is also noteworthy that the KAPP has, on 3 December 2023, announced the shortlisted companies and consortia for Az Zour North Phases 2 and 3 and Alkhairan Phase 1 IWPP Projects.

These initiatives mark a significant stride in Kuwait’s journey towards promoting PPP projects in Kuwait, revamping its telecommunications network and shifting from traditional power sources, while bolstering the private sector’s role in the development of the telecommunications and power generation sectors.

ASAR has been at the forefront of Kuwait’s transformative PPP journey. Our firm has played a pivotal role in advising regulators, investors / sponsors and lenders on the legal intricacies of PPP projects in Kuwait. Our extensive project portfolio includes landmark projects such as the Al Zour North IWPP Project Phase 1, the Umm Al Hayman Wastewater Treatment Project, and the Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment Plant Project extension, amongst others.

For insights or legal assistance regarding the qualification process for these pivotal projects, please contact our PPP/IWPP legal experts Ibrahim Sattout and Akusa Batwala

Go Further with ASAR at the forefront of Kuwait’s transformative PPP journey.

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