Media, Communication & Technology


Our media, communications and technology practice extends to traditional telecommunications fields and further to fintech, cloud computing and other areas of cyber regulation. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory regime in Kuwait and Bahrain concerning telecom licensing, satellite services, crypto-asset regulations and e-government systems.

In the fast-paced field of technology, we understand the needs of our clients, including software and hardware manufacturers, local telecommunications companies and banks expanding into growing fintech enterprise. We also balance our local knowledge with the diverse background of our employees to provide pointed and nuanced advice to clients from various jurisdictions on working with Kuwait and Bahrain organizations.

We expect to see the technology fields continuing to expand as Kuwait, and particularly Bahrain, seek to position themselves as world leaders in these developing areas. We are focused on keeping up to date with new laws and regulations in the field to ensure that our clients can operate efficiently and profitably within these regulatory regimes.