Data Protection & Privacy


Data protection and data privacy issues affect all business and industry sectors. Failure to respect people’s privacy or ensure ‬the security of their data can severely damage a company’s brand, influence consumer ‬buying decisions‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ and result in regulatory sanctions.

Navigating the myriad complexities around data protection and data privacy is best done by experts properly equipped to give legal advice that is clear, accurate, and future-focused. We have concentrated on keeping an up-to date understanding of the data protection and privacy issues in Kuwait and Bahrain, even as new laws and regulations are issued in this fast-paced field.

In Kuwait, the data protection rights do not emanate from specialized data privacy legislation. Rather, various legislations contemplate privacy of an individual. In Bahrain the approach in relation to protection of personal data is modeled on the EU approach, with local adaptations. A slew of recently enacted laws indicate a trend that Bahrain is positioning itself to be a regional data center hub by striking a balance between the protection of individual rights of privacy and the thriving digital economy.

Our experience and legal skill allow us to understand the compliance requirements of a global corporation vis-à-vis the local data protection regime.

We have experience assisting employers, major international financial institutions and local and international companies addressing data protection and privacy issues including devising data protection strategies for our clients and assisting with their implementation strategy to comply with legal obligations.