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Introducing ASAR’s Art Arena – the yearly initiative that spotlights talented individuals

Our support for the Middle Eastern Art Community speaks of our commitment to diversity, our passion for community, and the empowerment of the world in which we live beyond our office walls.

ASAR intends, each year, to commission a new artist to produce original illustrations or artworks to communicate special dates and occasions throughout the year. These artworks will then be used across all media channels of ASAR to communicate specific brand messages. In addition, these pieces of art will be used to create the ASAR yearly corporate calendar which will be distributed within the firm and to all of the firms leading clients which it serves, both locally and internationally. An online gallery will be created on our firm’s website for the viewing pleasure of those who spend time enjoying our online presence.

Philip Kambel has been chosen as our inaugural artist to be showcased in ASAR’s Art Arena, for 2024. He was first spotted within the local social scene in and around Kuwait; always first in line to donate his time and talent to many local charitable causes. Philip Kamble, a self-taught artist, is constantly searching for and experimenting with new techniques to incorporate into his watercolour expertise and calligraphy. An expat, who was raised in Kuwait, Philip describes his work as spontaneous, visibly exciting and greatly influenced by his surroundings, his travels and his love for music. He enjoys exploring multiple media, such as watercolours, pastels, inks and oils. Philip regards himself as an avid, plein-air painter.

A true community artist who has been inspired by the following quote from Erica Cook:

 “I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.”

When asked about his thoughts on art inspiring a community, he stated:

“I would like to see us all move forward together, hand in hand, be it science, art, literature or sports. Making a brighter and better future for generations to come, and create a valuable legacy in our time.”

To learn more about Philip, his artwork, exhibitions, coaching and commissions,

please visit his Instagram page at: @philip_kamble, or visit his website at: www.philipkambleart.com

The search for our next artist for 2025 has already begun, as featured in Bazaar magazine, January 2024 edition. If you, or someone you know, are an up and coming Kuwaiti, Bahraini or regional artist, under 45 years of age, and would like the opportunity to potentially be featured, please follow these two easy steps:

  • Like and follow @ASARLegal on Instagram, and
  • Tag the online artist’s account you wish to nominate.

A shortlist of potential artists will be complied and interviewed for consideration. The new artist to be featured will be announced by March 2024 and briefed on the work to be commissioned (paid). We are so excited about this initiative and can’t wait to collaborate with some inspiring, regional, artistic talent.

Through this initiative we not only strive to grow our own collection of original visual communication pieces, we strive to create a safe place for talented individuals to be seen, individuals who will add to and uplift the community, the economy and ultimately the regional business world. We are passionate about the community we serve and are dedicated to being a positive contributor to the art and cultural scenes in Kuwait, Bahrain and the Gulf Region. As a leading corporate brand within the region, we place the responsibility upon ourselves to invest in the world around us, to uplift and empower. We, at ASAR, believe that it is our humanity that unites us, and ultimately enables us to #GoFurther.


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