Security For Law Firms: Confidentiality & Locksmiths

Law firms that offer client services on a regular basis are known to store a great deal of confidential and often times critical information at their headquarters. Hence, the need for high quality, efficient security systems in place. The high degree of sensitivity that usually characterizes client data and information requires special protection measures. However, there are still lots of legal data security details that continue to be overlooked even today. And there are also lots of storage and sharing decisions that pose problems to some law firms. Deciding upon the best security technology that can successfully protect this type of information can be difficult for the inexperienced. Below you will discover a few of the most common solutions in this regard.

Systems That Keep Sensitive Client Data Protected

  • Were you ever attacked by a hacker? What was your first reaction to the incident? Did you manage to recover your lost data? Have you heard of the most recent WannaCry series of ransomware attacks that have affected computer worldwide? It targeted computers running the Windows OS and it encrypted data, demanding ransom payments in its return. Can you imagine what would happen if someone unauthorized would lay their hands on your precious and highly confidential client files online?

  • So, again, hackers do pose a real threat to law firms. There is no wonder the biggest names in the industry spend millions of dollars to keep their data safe from hackers on a yearly basis. One recommended solution would be for law firms to stop storing client data into their own vulnerable systems, and instead use experts for it. Namely, encrypted offsite servers and dedicated teams of people who can take the stress off of law firms' shoulders.

  • However, temporary files may remain on the premises. And they need to be properly stored over the night, or during the weekends. Law firms should compare low locksmith rates, services, proximity, reliability, complaints against them, and ask for references before hiring expert commercial locksmiths.

  • Commercial locksmiths can fit fresh locks, including advanced electronic locks with touchpad locks and no physical keys on all compatible doors. They can also fix or re-key worn-out or broken locks, install peepholes, locks on windows and cabinet files, intercom systems for more privacy, and the list goes on. Get in touch with a specialized locksmith service for offices and ask for a full evaluation.

  • Rely on a top account management system that will prevent or at least harden the work of potential attackers from the outside.

  • The classic lock and key on fax machines and office should also be implemented. It is necessary for attorneys to keep their important paper records under lock and key and secure their computers with strong and unique passwords that should be changed frequently.

  • Advanced surveillance systems with monitoring cameras that can be used remotely should be used to deter potential intruders and discourage information thieves from getting their hands on critical files.

  • When filing electronic papers, attorneys should delete all personal information that will remain stored in the online environment.

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