3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Commercial Locksmiths

It's happened to most of us. Long, stressful, almost unbearable days at the office. The eagerness of getting home to our comfortable sofa. Stepping out of the office and shutting the door close behind us almost seamlessly. But then, all of a sudden, times seems to slow down. You watch the last split second of your office door closing almost in slow motion. And you can almost feel a spark in your brain – that is the moment you realize you've locked the keys inside the office. And there's nothing you can do about it now. Maybe you try to push the door open or use your credit card to try some magic tricks, like you've seen in the movies. But nothing works. And it's 8pm. Everyone's home now. And you have no idea what to do.

You can't just go home and come back in the morning, as you had the keys to the main entrance on that chain also. On top of an urgent client you need to see first thing in the morning. Since you have no spare at hand, the only logical thing to do is call a locksmith. Assuming you never had to hire a commercial locksmith before, here are a few pointers.

Know The Right Questions To AskLocksmith services

Make sure you will not be allowing a complete stranger that is unworthy of your trust and lacking the necessary skills to step into the building. Easier said than done, no? Finding highly reliable locksmiths to help you out is not rocket science, but it does require some common sense and attention to detail.

Question #1: How Close Are You To My Office?

First things first, look for a commercial locksmith that handles business locksmithing services. Opt for someone who is licensed, insured/bonded and authorized to work in your city or state. Their proximity to your office is critical and will determine the amount of time you will spend waiting for them. The faster they can get to you, the better. So it is best to search for local locksmiths with headquarters close to you. Local locksmith services have the advantage of being familiar with all the city streets, neighborhoods, and shortcuts. Their mobile crews can avoid traffic jams by taking smart detours and choosing better routes.

Use your smartphone and do a quick search using your favorite search engine. Use terms like “commercial/office/business+lockout/locksmith+area code/city name”. If you are in a hurry, search for a 24/7 locksmith so you can know for a fact that they are available right there and then. Keep in mind you can also opt for nationwide services, if you feel like you can put more trust in them.

Question #2: Are You Licensed And Insured?

When hiring a commercial locksmith, you need to make sure that they are covered

in case something goes wrong and they improperly pick a lock or cause damage to doors or windows in the process. Scratches or accidental damages should be covered by insured locksmiths. Hire someone who is not insured/bonded and you will be most likely be left with the bill. Also think of potential slip and fall accidents a locksmith could suffer inside your office. You don't want a to deal with a lawsuit, do you?

Question #3: How Much Do You Charge?

Unfortunately, locksmithing is an industry where you are prone to come across scammers. That is why you need to search for low cost locksmiths prices online – and always call customer support and make sure you will receive an upfront estimate.

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